ARES-16™ AMG-2


ARES-16™ Small Arms Family

The ARES-16™ small arms family represents a military grade, state-of-the-art advance in compact, lightweight and mission-configurable weapons. The ARES-16™ features a unique and patented receiver group from which a variety of military firearms can be configured including

  1. Sub-Carbine
  2. Carbine
  3. Assault Rifle
  4. Designated Marksman Rifle
  5. Magazine-Fed Assault Machine Gun
  6. Belt-Fed Assault Machine Gun
  7. Dual-Feed Assault Machine Gun
  8. Belt-Fed Mounted Light Machine Gun

All of the ARES-16™ weapons share significant part commonality for reduced logistical footprint and can be
user-arranged from one configuration to another in less than 30 seconds supporting “One Weapon, Any Mission!™”

ARES-16™ weapons are primarily chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge and accept a variety of Ball, Tracer and Special Purpose ammunition from NATO-Standard 30-round M16 magazines and/or NATO-Standard M27 linked ammunition packaged for the US M249 SAW. The ARES-16™ small arms system is available as a complete weapon or can be supplied as an upgrade kit to existing M16/M4 service rifle and carbines.

ARES-16™ Assault Machine Gun

The innovative ARES-16™ extends the longevity of America’s longest serving infantry weapon, the M-16, and significantly expands its lethality and operational utility with the introduction of a new warfighter solution; the ARES-16 AMG™ “Assault Machine Gun”.

The new ARES-16™ Assault Machine Gun bridges the capability gap that exists between M16/M4 rifles and the M249 light machine gun. The ARES-16 AMG™ is user-arranged into three discrete base configurations to provide a magazine-fed Assault Machine Gun (AMG™), a belt-fed Assault Machine Gun (AMG-1™), and a dual-feed Assault Machine Gun (AMG-2™) which fires interchangeably between magazine and belt-feed. In all present configurations, the ARES-16 AMG™ weapons are gas-piston operated, select-fire from a closed bolt; and feature MIL-STD 1913 rail interface system and quick-change barrels for ultimate mission flexibility.

Manufactured from high-strength aerospace alloys; the ARES-16 AMG™ weighs as little as 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg) placing it in the size/weight envelope of an M4 Carbine but with the firepower of a light machine gun. Sound suppressor and grenade launcher capable; the compact and portable ARES-16™ Assault Machine Gun provides an individual operator with an unprecedented combination of decisive firepower and swift mobility during special operations and high-speed military assault

Caliber 5.56 x 45mm NATO (.223 REM)
Weight 7.5 lbs (3.4kg) Lightest Configuration
Barrel 16.25” (413mm) Quick Change
12“ (318mm), 20” (508mm) Optional Sound Suppressed Bbl Assy. Optional
Rifling 16.25” (413mm) Quick Change
12″ (318mm), 20” (508mm) Optional Sound Suppressed Bbl Assy. Optional
OAL 34.55” (876mm) with 16.25“ Bbl
Feed Device Magazine – All M16 magazines
Belt Feed – NATO M27 Linked Ammo
Rate of Fire 625 – 1000 RPM
Operation Gas-Piston, Short Stroke Tappet
Range 600 meters
Origin United State of America